A selection of our product range

Sharkfin Banners

Sharkfin Banners are one of our most popular manufactured banner displays.


Pop-up Banners

The Pop-up Banners is a full colour printed banner, printed on both sides. It is a 1 x 2 m unit that comes supplied with ground pegs. It folds away into a figure 8 for easy storage and transportation. 

Branded Parasols

The Branded Parasols are a great way to display your brand in a functional manner. The Branded Parasol is a full colour print, fold away unit that is available with or with a base.

Banner Wall

The Banner Wall are available in just about any size. The term 3×3 and 3×4 refer to the amount of units the banner is compiled of. The Banner Wall is a collapsible unit that is great for traveling and events on the go. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor displays as it is portable. The Banner Wall is supplied as a full colour print display unit.

Pillar Wrap

Transforming your pillar into an advertising medium is a great idea. Pillars are free advertising areas and can easily also be decorated by using a pillar wrap. The pillar wrap is printed in full colour on cloth and is attached to the pillar on one side with Velcro.

Backdrop Banner

Backdrop Banners are manufactured in our factory with the highest quality printing at an affordable price.

A-Frame Banner

The A-Frame Banner is printed in full colour on PVC.  The unit is available as an A-Frame Banner or Fully Wrapped. Can be used for outdoor and indoor displays. 


Sandwich Board

The Sandwich Board is manufactured from steel. It is a tough and solidly built Sandwich Board that comes in a standard double sided design print. It is manufactured in full colour and has a standard size of an A1 print.


Hanging Banner

The Hanging Banners are printed in full colour. It can be manufactured as single sided or double sided and can be printed on either cloth or PVC. The Hanging Banners can be manufactured according to your required specifications and can be ordered in bulk. The unit is supplied with aluminum systems included.

X-Frame Banner

The X-Frame Banner is manufactured in full colour print. The X-Frame Banner is light weight and easy to assemble, which makes it ideal for traveling. The X-Frame Banner is a great indoor display product. Reprints can be done cost effectively.

Branded Gazebo

Our Branded Gazebo’s are one of our most popular products. We understand that your brand needs to look great.

Telescopic Banners

The Telescopic Banner is one of the most popular outdoor display products. The units are available in different heights 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m respectively. The Telescopic Banners include full colour print, a ground spike and a carry bag. Single or a double sided printed available.

Mini Golf Flag

The Mini Golf Flag is a unit manufactured in full colour print in any required design.The Mini Golf Flag is a good advertising display especially for sponsors. The size of the unit is 600 x 1100 mm. It is a great unit for outdoor displays and event branding.

Tower A-Frame Banners

Tower A-Frame Banners are ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising displays. The A-Frame Banner is printed in full colour on PVC. The unit is available in sizes of 2 x 1 m or 3 x 1 m. The unit is available as an A-Frame Banner, Tower Banner or Fully Wrapped A-Frame Banner. It is a product that can be used as an outdoor display and an indoor display unit.

Water Bottles with Label Stickers

Labeled Water Bottles are printed in high quality full colour digital solvent printing to make your brand stand out.  The Labeled Water Bottles are a great way of advertising your brand at indoor and outdoor events and is a great promotional product.

Hand Held Flags

The Hand Held Flags are manufactured in full colour print. It is a great unit for promotion.

Banner Wall

The banner wall, also known as a media wall or a backdrop banner is a very easy to use giant wall type banner for indoor use.  Each unit includes full colour sublimated cloth printing. 



Spinning Pavement Sign

We print and manufacture Spinning Pavement Signs. It is a great unit for advertising. These units come complete with sturdy bases to ensure stability to the units in cases of strong winds. The units are manufactured in full colour.

Pull-up Banner

The Pull-up Banner (also known as the Pop-up or Roll-up Banner) is manufactured in single sided full colour print, including systems and a carry bag. The Pull-up Banner is the most popular and sought after indoor display unit internationally. Our PVC and sublimated cloth prints are very affordable products.

Cutout Figures

The Live Size Cutout Figures (also known as standees) are manufactured in a full colour print. Cutout Figures are ideal for indoor displays at unveiling of new or up coming products or events. The cutout figures can be cut in any shape and size.